bio: clark warner

"It is the people and events in Detroit that have shaped the atmosphere which I try to create and convey through these needles and lasers."

For nearly a decade, Warner has been setting sounds for environments ranging from music and media festivals, university campuses, cafes, clubs and art galleries to live radio and the internet. He's dealt with many aspects of electronic music, working closely with some of Detroit's finest producers, DJs, labels, designers and organizers.

"Living in a city like Detroit, you're given the opportunity to pay attention to sounds from the inside out on a daily basis, due to the transportation of (no) choice - the automobile. It becomes another lab (apart from home) to listen, experiment, EQ and fine-tune what becomes content in my DJ sets."

After residencies at Detroit-based clubs the Shelter and Industry in the early '90s, Warner's focus began to steer more towards listening music as opposed to dance music. This led to a pioneering two-year residency in the winter of 1994 for Detroit's first weekly listening event, E.X.A.T., held at Zoot's Music Parlour. The focus of E.X.A.T. was to support up-and-coming DJs and producers, allowing an opportunity to share their sounds with an open-eared audience.

He has continued to create local listening nights based in Windsor, Canada (just across the river from Detroit) emitting a dual-signal by netcasting every session through and Through 1997 he and DJ Matthew Hawtin hosted the ambient weekly, Neroli. This concept moved to a solo residency for Clark at the contemporary lounge, 13 below, in a year-long weekly night entitled Latitude. Featured guests included Global Communication, Pole, Kooky Scientist, Chain Reaction (Scion/Substance) Thomas Brinkmann and a pool of Detroit-based talent.

"Working with a roster of talented artists and a genre-defining catalog has taught me the importance of paying attention to details from both sides of the record."

Since 1995, Warner has been working exclusively with Richie Hawtin for Plus 8 Records, leading to his current involvement with Hawtin's solo-based label Minus, since its 1998 launch, also working with Detroit artist Theorem.

Exporting the style of intelligent armchair electronic music and minimal-deep-techno, he has played outside of the US for prestigious media festivals such as SONAR, Tribal Gathering, Nature One as well as film festivals in Montreal and Rotterdam.

Most recently he warmed up the main stage on the final day of the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival, playing 2 sets in the afternoon opening up for the likes of Theorem, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Richie Hawtin. Still in the Motor City, he also holds a "loose residency" at Detroit's premier club, Motor, holding court in "the Study" on a monthly basis, spreading the sound out even to moments of house, funk, and anything with a sense of humor.

Thank you for listening, eclectically.