Ah yes, the God-Kings of Gothic-Surf music are assaulting this world (and the next) with their brand of oh-so-serious pop 'n' roll! The inevitable blend of Ventures and Bauhaus could only have been taken to fruition by the ex-members of that notorious band The New World Disorder. And so it has… with a vengeance!

With their debut single "See Dangerboy Run" (A Side) and an Association cover "Never My Love" (B Side), the appropriate tone of mystique that has so often surrounded these knights of oblivion is set. Is the world ready for the reappearance of these - dare we say - vampires?

Wild stories and mysterious rumors surround The Vampire Beach Babes' legendary axeman, the one and (thankfully) only Ricky Las Vegas. Tales of his epic adventures stretch back to the earliest days of rock and roll, and even beyond (although Ricky refuses to disclose his age, archeologists have recently discovered acknowledgements of his studio work on the liner notes accompanying the Dead Sea scrolls). Ricky vehemently denies most of the wilder rumors (particularly those expounded by the constant throng of young fans - perhaps vampires themselves - who worship the very ground Ricky walks on), but certain facts are irrefutable. Legendary guitar pioneer Les Paul is indeed his second cousin. It is true that he sleeps by day in his long black '68 Cadillac, under the downtown apartment he shares with his close personal friend, Elvis, and their pack of trained flying monkeys. And for reasons not entirely known he is worshipped in Portugal. But the rest of the story may never be told (although the Weekly World News is trying desperately).

No less enigmatic is that tall leather-clad bleach-blonde they call Baron Marcus. The wily exploits of the Baron are said to pre-date Rome itself (partially accounting for his fondness of togas and kinky things). A solitary figure, lead vocalist Baron Marcus tends to the macabre, showing fourth his centuries of angst in such songs as 'Got Myself A Woody', 'Vampires On The Beach', 'Gothic Hangover', and 'Brain Operates By The Light Of The Moon'. An information technologist and avid spiritualist, Baron Marcus reflects; "Immortality sucks - I found a nudie book that I had taken from the Venice Library in 1532, talk about a late fine, sheeesh, and besides, how do you tell your date that you are old enough to be her great great great great… well you know - grand father!"

The Vampire Beach Babes have arrived. Indeed, our world has much to fear.

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